Saturday, 19 April 2014

Black Smoke Ring Over Britain [Video]

Black Ring Over Texas City
There has been a rush of aerial phenomena on AAO since the last few days. Here's another anomaly that has appeared over the skies of  Leamington recently. These mysterious black rings have been spotted all over the world, Leamington, Texas, Chicago and so on. What is this strange phenomenon?

The Wolff Exorcisms: Darkness Reigns...

Church: Image by MomentsForZen
History has engraved many gruesome exorcisms. There's Roland Doe, Anneliese Michel and so on. But there are also cases equally disturbing, equally fascinating, that often get pushed into oblivion. Such a case is the Wolff Exorcisms, which, despite its largely otherworldly nature, was forgotten from the human mind, well, until now...

Scientists Can Now Read Minds with MRI Scanners

fMRI Scanner: Image by Janne Moren
Ever since we may recall, attempts have been made to dive into a person's mind, divulging the deepest secrets from the darkest corners of the brain. Finally, scientists have been successful (to a certain level) in doing what our psychics and clairvoyants have been doing since a long time. Yes, folks, using MRI scanners to scan a person's brain, science can now tell what he's currently thinking about.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Would You Like an Invisibility Cloak?

Invisible Man; Scenery Image by
What could you do if you had an invisibility cloak? Perhaps steal an I-Pad from the show-off friend, or, more ambitiously, build up an army of invisible soldiers and rule over the world? When you are invisible, the possibilities are endless. But is such an invisibility cloak scientifically possible? Answer's yes. Using a special type of substance called metamaterials, science can do just that, using a technique called metamaterial cloaking.

Authors Wanted at All About Occult

As AAO continues to grow every day, it is in need of more and more authors who have a keen interest in the weird, the occult and the fortean. These authors, through their expanded knowledge and excellent write-ups, will help keep the blog updated frequently for our ever-increasing reader community. If you have that weird bug up your spine, then come join us, and get your work seen by thousands every month.

Pontefract Poltergeist: The Black Monk of Horror

When the Lights Went Out: Pontefract Poltergeist
Flickering lights, flying objects, puddles on the floor, that's your typical poltergeist phenomenon. What isn't typical, although, is a twelve-year-old girl being held by the throat and dragged up the stairs by a scary ghoul, or the walls being littered with scribblings of overturned crosses. If you are looking for a truly unnerving case of poltergeist phenomenon, with demonic oppression combined, welcome to 30 East Drive Chequerfield, the house of the Black Monk of Pontefract.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ball Lightning in Philadelphia: A Look at the Case of Louise Matthews

Ball Lightning in Philadelphia
The universe is infinite, and so are its mysteries. Or at least virtually so. But amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, some of the most fascinating mysteries fade away into oblivion. Take for instance the case of Louise Matthews, what happened in her house in Philadelphia when a luminescent sphere of fire came bursting into her house, burning chunks of her hair, followed by elusive visits from the Men in Black...

Poltergeist Filmed in New Hampshire Store [Video]

Ellacoya County Poltergeist
This is the season for ghost videos, folks! First the Ghost in Great Pyramid, and now a poltergeist filmed in the CCTV footage of a general store in Ellacoya County. This video, posted on March 10, has been greatly received by YouTubers, and has gone viral on all paranormal websites, blogs, zines and so forth. Watch it and let me know.